Tips you should know before buying an exhaust fan

Tips you should know before buying an exhaust fan.

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  • Types of exhaust fans
  • The use of ventilators in poultry farms and greenhouses
  • Features of exhaust fan ventilators
  • The reasons for the price difference in the market

Today, the exhaust fan is widely used in air conditioning and fresh air transfer, for this purpose, this product can be used in greenhouses, poultry farms, livestock farms, mushroom breeding halls, warehouses, industrial sheds, sports halls and production halls.

Types of exhaust fan:

6 blade steel exhaust fan
Exhaust fan 6 full steel, Tat Industrial Group

6 blade exhaust fan 140

6 blade exhaust fan 100

3 blade steel exhaust fan
3 blade steel exhaust fan, Tat Industrial Group

3 blade exhaust fan 140

3 blade exhaust fan 100

Application of aerator in greenhouse and poultry house:

Considering that the suitable temperature for the greenhouse is between 10 and 22 degrees Celsius, due to the heating of the air in the summer and some days of the spring and autumn seasons, the air inside the greenhouses gets very hot.  If the ventilation in the greenhouses is not done on time, the growth and fruiting of the plants will decrease, and the growth of plant pests and their reproduction will also increase. The purpose of greenhouse ventilation is to exchange air inside and outside the greenhouse and supply carbon dioxide necessary for plant photosynthesis and balance humidity in order to reduce temperature and cool the greenhouse and reduce losses and diseases.

In poultry farms, due to the fact that poultry waste contains a significant amount of ammonia, if the air is not ventilated, it leads to the loss of birds.

Features of the exhaust fan:

The exhaust fan, which is a suction type, sucks hot air from the greenhouse and directs it outside the greenhouse. This fan is produced in sizes 100 and 140, and size 140 is the most widely used. This type of fan starts working using an ambient thermostat and turns off as soon as the temperature reaches the set value. The exhaust fan is installed on the walls and usually facing the wind. The air displacement power of the exhaust fan of 140 greenhouses is 42,000 cubic meters per hour.

Click here to view the technical specifications of the 6-blade fan 140 

Click to see the technical specifications of the 6 blade 100 fan.

Click to view the technical specifications of the   3 blade fan 140

Click to view the technical specifications of the   3 blade fan 100.

The reasons for the price difference in the market:

In the current market, according to the mentioned cases, all of our colleagues are required to build greenhouses and chicken farms, etc. They are thinking about the right price for their purchase.

In this article, we are trying to help our colleagues in making informed purchases, so we mention the reasons for the price difference in the market to close the way for abusers.

  • Material and thickness of the fan body: The fan body is made of galvanized sheet. As the thickness of the body decreases, the price also decreases. Unaware that the quality and durability of the fan will also decrease.
  • Housing material: The fan housing is usually made of two types of polyamid or galvanized.

Poly Omid or plastic housing is usually warped during the installation of the propeller belt. And over time, it will not work properly and the housing will break. But in reviewing the galvanized housing, such a problem will not occur, the price of the fan with plastic housing is cheaper.

  • The thickness of the steel sheet used in the propellers and the type of steel will also have a great impact on the price of the fan.
  • The type of fan clutch also causes the price difference. ABS clutches dry out and break over time due to weather changes. While polyamide fiber clutches are compatible with any weather conditions.
  • Also, the type and brand of motor and fan bearings will also cause price fluctuations.

And finally, we remind you that when buying, all aspects should be checked and not only the price, so that you don’t have to buy again and spend more.

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