The body and housing of the 3-blade 140 exhaust fan is made of one millimeter galvanized Shahr Kurd sheet. Also, 3 mm and 4 mm galvanized wire is used in the construction of the fan net. The fan damper used is Shahr Kurd galvanized 0.8 sheet. And it has ABS damper lack.

One of the most important equipment for any hall and indoor space, such as greenhouses and poultry houses, is its fan or ventilator. which is used to control humidity and temperature. This causes various diseases to be prevented for plants and poultry.

The 3 blade steel exhaust fan of Tat Industrial Group is produced in two dimensions: 100*100*46 cm and 140*140*46 cm.

In addition to the mentioned items, 3-blade exhaust fan 100 has the following features:

  • The belt tensioner is made of aluminum die cast
  • Aluminum die-cast two-round motor head, diameter 5.10 cm
  • Large diecast poly 32 cm in diameter
  • The fan blade is made of one millimeter code 430 shiny steel sheet
  • Propeller flange made of 5 mm galvanized sheet
  • Aluminum die cast hub


All products of Tat Industrial Group have 18 months golden warranty.

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Additional information

The number of blades

3 blades made of steel

The power of the 3-phase engine

1.1 kW

Body Material


Propeller speed

467 revolutions per minute

current intensity

2.4 amps


140 cm


140 cm


46 cm

Diameter of propeller

130 cm

Protection class



76 kg


380 volt

Aeration at zero pascal

38,000 cubic meters/hour

Aeration at 20 pascals

32,000 cubic meters per hour

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