Oper Tat Industrial Group has started its activity in the field of production of poultry equipment under the title of Tat Poultry Industries in 2014.

Considering the needs of the customers and the mutuality of poultry equipment and greenhouse in the field of heating system of halls, we decided to start our activity in the field of greenhouse equipment along with poultry equipment.

Therefore, TAT Industrial Group is committed to using experienced and expert and experienced forces and using the latest equipment and machines in accordance with international standards to produce all its products at the highest possible level and with the best quality that leads to to the satisfaction of customers, and in order to achieve this, it uses all its possible capacities and potential. Also, this industrial complex has put a large part of its focus on the production of products that do not harm the environment.

One of the other honors of TAT Group is the export of products to most of the neighboring countries.

The purpose of this company is Satisfaction and fulfillment of customer needs.

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