Industrial air conditioner

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Cooler model: 350
Number of blades: 3 pcs
Propeller diameter: 130 cm
Aeration capacity: 35,000 cubic meters per hour
Current intensity: 2.4 amps
Height: 210 cm
Length: 200 cm
Width: 80 cm
Gen three-phase motor power: 1.1 kW

Generally, the equipment and systems available in the greenhouse are divided into three categories. The industrial air conditioner is part of the second group.

  • Equipment used to heat the greenhouse.
  • Equipment designed to cool the greenhouse.
  • Equipment whose task is to ventilate the greenhouse.

In recent years, industrial coolers have assumed a great role in the field of ventilation and cooling of large and industrial environments.

The working principles of industrial coolers are the same as other evaporative coolers. The only important difference between them and common household evaporative coolers is the replacement of the centrifugal fan with an axial fan and also the use of a cellulose pad instead of a pad.

In the industrial cooler of Tat Industrial Group, the best cellulose pad (Kolan Sel cellulose pad with 24 months golden warranty) is used for cooling. Also, to be resistant to moisture, a plastic propeller is used. The main application of the industrial cooler is to use it in industrial halls, factories, stores, large shops, sheds, large and large buildings, stadiums and greenhouses to cool the environment.

All products of Tat Industrial Group have 18 months golden warranty.

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Additional information

Dimensions 200 × 80 × 210 cm
The power of the 3-phase engine

1.1 kW

current intensity

2.4 amps

Diameter of propeller

130 cm

The number of blades

3 numbers

Fan aeration

35,000 cubic meters per hour

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