Cellulose Pad

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Replace the cover in water coolers
High water absorption
Finnish ingredients
Antibacterial and antifungal
New cooling system in greenhouse and poultry farm
More cooling
Less energy consumption
Healthier air
Compatible with Iran’s hot and dry climate

Cellulose pad is used as a substitute for cloth in water coolers. which causes more cooling, less energy consumption, healthier air. Also, this pad is compatible with the hot and dry climate of Iran. This allows you to use this product to implement a new cooling system in the greenhouse and poultry farm. In recent years, the role of cellulose pads in the construction of cooling equipment and cooling industrial environments such as greenhouses has become very prominent. Cellulose pads are made of Finnish raw materials, which are antibacterial and antifungal. It also has high water absorption properties.

Cellulose pads are very efficient in cooling and increasing humidity. Since greenhouses need high humidity. They should have good cooling. The way to install these pads is that first large aluminum frames are prepared and then greenhouse cellulose pads are installed on them and by directing water to the pads and with the help of fans, the temperature of the greenhouse environment is low and the level of humidity is low. It rises and the environment becomes very suitable for the growth of flowers and plants.

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