Orbit fan 140

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Number of blades: 3 Number
blade material: PPG
Propeller Diameter: 130 cm
current intensity: 2.4 amps
The power of the 3-phase gen engine: 1.1 kW
Aeration at zero pascal: 44,000 cubic meters

Orbit fan 140 has 3 PPG blades with a diameter of 130 cm.

The current intensity of this fan is 2.4 amps and the power of its 3-phase motor is 1.1 kW. Also, the ventilation power of the Orbit fan 140 is equal to 44,000 cubic meters per hour.

Other features of this fan include high ventilation and proper air distribution. which is due to its proper design. This has caused this fan to become one of the most essential equipments for cattle, livestock, industrial and factory halls. Also, one of the other advantages of Orbit fan is its low consumption and low noise (about 60 dB).

Tat Industrial Group has provided the possibility for the consumer to increase efficiency and provide an environment with pleasant air by producing Orbit fan (ventilator), in two types 100 and 140.

All products of Tat Industrial Group have 18 months golden warranty.

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Additional information

number of blades

3 Number

blade type


propeller diameter

130 cm

current intensity

2.4 amps

The power of the 3-phase engine

1.1 kW

Aeration at zero pascal

44,000 cubic meters per hour

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