Plate feeding system

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Use during the entire life cycle of the chicken (from one day to the end of the period)
Preventing grain falling and throwing
Easy to open and close for washing at the end of the cycle
Equal and uniform distribution of grain (uniform herd breeding)

As you know, one of the important equipment for chicken farms is having a feeding system. For this purpose, TAT Industrial Group has produced a plate feeding system, which includes two parts, a feeding plate and a plate feeding hopper.

The following are the features of this feeding plate:

  • Use during the entire period:

This plate can be used throughout the chicken’s life cycle (from one day old to the end of the period).

  • Preventing grains from falling and throwing:

Due to the special design, the chicken cannot enter the plate. And this will reduce the wastage of grain, which will result in economic savings for the company.

  • Uniform breeding of the flock:

Equal and uniform distribution of grains. This leads to a better and more uniform management for the growth of chickens.

  • Easy to open and close for washing at the end of the cycle

At the end of the cycle, in order to wash and clean the shed and equipment, it can be easily opened and closed. This will reduce casualties and prevent diseases.


Among the features of the plate feeder hopper, the following can be mentioned:

Use of galvanized sheet with a thickness of 2 mm

P.P and R4 design plate material

It has a pedal micro switch.


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